The remains in Spain

The remains in Spain won't be in pain and other reasons to stay in the EU!


One of the biggest issues for me as a person who is concerned about Brexit is the worry about the don't knows - in more ways than one. The don't knows allegedly are more likely to vote remain according to pollsters but the real issue for me is the don't knows surrounding the proposed exit from the EU. One thing we do know is what we know now, being members of the EU. The things we don't know that concern me are what will happen to the two million plus ex pats (migrants) from the UK who live abroad in sunnier climes such as Spain and France? What happens to their rights to use health services abroad if we leave the EU and does that mean if services are no longer available then will we be encountered with many elderly Brits queuing up at the Lister hospital to receive treatment? And what about the other public services that they may forced into using whence they return? If EU nationals working in the NHS (52,000 estimated at the last count) are also forced to leave then where are we also going to find qualified staff to meet the needs of our communities? Despite claims by Brexiters that revenue not spent on the EU could build more hospitals, the issue remains that the UK has an ageing population and therefore we do not have the staff to fulfill both qualified and unqualified positions in many healthcare facilities. If migrants from the EU don't fill the roles then they will be filled from elsewhere in the World. 

If the UK does vote leave the issue of migration (seemingly the Brexiters only focus)won't be solved quickly and without cost. The layers of bureaucracy that will be needed to ensure that migration is similar to the Australian points system and the extra checks needed at borders will cost time and money and businesses such as hauliers and importers will lose out.  The potential repatriation of  workers no longer eligible to work here is  also a massively expensive possibility and one that may be impossible to manage. 

I for one will be voting remain as I know that although the EU is not perfect, North Hertfordshire is not going to benefit by being less diverse, less tolerant and having less economic opportunities. Even though I am a glass half full kind of guy the fear of a Britain with a moat around it and no drawbridge worries me - because at least we can live and work in Europe if we want to. The young people of our country have that choice too and in a shrinking World the flag you were born under isn't as important as making sure we stand together in Europe like our fellow Europeans did to fight Nazism to now face issues like saving the planet from ecological disaster which we can do better together than apart.

Cllr Frank Radcliffe

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