Tipping Points, Balance Sheet Wizardry & IT Overspends...

In the midsummer briefing from North Herts District Councillor Deepak Sangha, things are hotting up as Labour Councillors tackle Letchworth's troubled recycling centre, keep a watchful eye on some cunning financial planning by the Tories, question expanding IT budgets, champion enterprise and secure vital public consultation for parking in Letchworth. 



Tipping Point for Letchworth Recycling Centre

Altering of the site opening hours and its closure on two days of the week has really messed up the access to the waste recycling centre in Letchworth leading to long queue, wasted time, frustrated residents and a negative impact on highway safety.  Labour has decided to do something about it and with County Councillor Lorna Kercher has started the drive to get a petition going to lobby Hertfordshire County Council to address the issue.

Join Lorna this Saturday 27th of June in Letchworth, Leys Avenue (next to WH Smith) from 11am to 1pm to gather as many signatures from Letchworth residents as possible to clean up this mess.

What are the Tories up to?

Are Tory plans to take the budget earmarked for Housing Associations' Housing Schemes back into North Herts Capital Reserves a ploy to bolster the Council Reserves..? You never know what the motive is... I wonder if it goes towards the £12 billion of welfare cuts the Tories have sprung on us? We all need to keep a watching brief on this one...

Not much information on the Council Information Technology overspends

One thing Labour Councillors have noticed that the spend on Council IT keeps ballooning each year, currently running at £750,000, a whopping £130,000 over budget. I doubt anyone has a clue as to why this is consistently happening. Labour Councillors are not satisfied aboutthe reasons  given. We have asked through the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC), for the Head of IT services to come and explain at the next meeting why the Council has allowed this situation to occur.  

Labour success  

Hurray! After persistently badgering the Tories, the Letchworth Labour Councillors have been successful in getting the Letchworth Parking Public Consultation on its way. The Public Consultation is going to be held at the Spirella Ballroom on Thursday 25 June 2015, 5pm to 9pm.

For more information contact Naima Ihsan on 01462 474425 or transport@north-herts.gov.uk

Economic Development in the area

Work continues on the Economic Development Strategy for the North Herts District and North Herts Labour Councillors are contributing to it to ensure that we attract more jobs, employment and economic growth to the area, particularly to ensure that young people in our towns and villages gain employment and skills within the locality without the need for costly commuting. We will keep you briefed on the progress.

I would like to start a group where the residents and members can come together to generate business and enterprise ideas. Please get in touch with me on 07906 829306 or deepak.sangha@ntlworld.com

Cllr Deepak Sangha

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