Martin Burke

I am Martin Burke, a husband, Father of two children and activist.

I have lived in Hitchin for the past 3 ½ years and it has been my pleasure to meet such a warm, diverse, creative and cooperative range of people in the community.

As a councillor, I would be here to listen to and address the concerns of the Highbury ward residents. Council funding has been greatly reduced, this will have an effect on everybody, budgets must be handled fairly for the good of all.

The Council has an inability to do anything to remove or renovate the eyesore of the Churchgate centre - why not buy the centre, renovate, and rent out units with an emphasis on local businesses? This could generate revenue for the good of the community.
The continuing problems of failed partnership working between the council and some of the Tories' own members, in getting the town hall and museum finished and open for the benefit of the town. The infighting, bullying and waste of money on hearings to settle disputes is not the way to go about things, lessons must be learnt.

Thinking of the small Sunnyside housing estate - there is a dire lack of affordable housing that ordinary people can afford to rent or buy, this must be addressed.

In these times of austerity, being meted out by a bullying government, our public services, Schools, NHS, Fire Service, Police Force etc. are really starting to crack.

I will continue to campaign against the political choice of austerity, and push this government to change direction.