Letchworth Household Recycling Site

Following on from the midsummer briefing by North Herts. District Councillor Deepak Sangha, Labour councillors are stepping up efforts to tackle the disastrous decision to close the Letchworth recycling centre two days a week. County Councillor Lorna Kercher has started a petition to urge Herts. County Council to see sense and revert to seven day opening. Make your support known here, or sign the petition on the County Council's website here.


The closure of the Letchworth Household Waste Recycling site for two days a week by Hertfordshire County Council has caused absolute chaos. Since Easter, irate drivers have had to queue for between half an hour to two hours to unload rubbish. This has led to anger and frustration. Entrances to businesses along Blackhorse Road have been blocked, and the business inconvenienced. Some drivers have been using the wrong side of the road to enter their own premises, which has caused concern to the Police.

We the undersigned request the Hertfordshire County Council to revert to seven day a week opening at the site, in the interest of public safety and need.


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