Housing Crisis Worsens

The housing crisis continues to intensify in North Herts.
The social housing waiting list continues to grow due to an extreme shortage of truly affordable housing. Many young people are locked out of the housing market by inflated prices. Many wanting to buy their own property are forced to move out of the towns they grew up in, to places they have no roots or connections in. Others are forced into the private rented sector at the mercy of unrestrained rents and poor living conditions. Or stay at home with their parents, unable to start an independent life.
Yet this is no accident. This is government policy. 
The Housing and Planning Bill being rushed through by the Tories will force housing associations to sell off their housing stock with no provision for one to one replacement. The capability of NHDC to demand affordable housing provision from developers as a planning condition will be severely reduced and developers will be allowed to provide starter homes instead of genuinely affordable homes. This will substantially reduce the level of affordable housing available in the district. This will increase demand for private rented accommodation and properties to buy, ensuring rents and house prices will continue to rise.
The Tories could at least ensure that those renting in the private sector are living in good conditions and pay a fair rent. Labour MPs tabled an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill, to ensure that all rented homes are fit for human habitation. The Tories, many of whom are landlords themselves, rejected it. 
The government could legislate to ensure rents are capped at fair levels. They won't. 
Tory housing policy is not based on the needs of people, it is based on profit in the financial sector. Renting is becoming less desirable and less affordable. Those on middle and low incomes are forced into buying homes whether they can afford to or not. Others are left without decent homes whilst homelessness continues to rise. Yet this government will not intervene in the housing market, and in not doing so is repeating all the mistakes which lead to the economic meltdown in 2008.

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  • Hitchin & Harpenden Labour posted about Housing Crisis Worsens on Hitchin & Harpenden Labour's Facebook page 2016-02-17 12:17:52 +0000
    The housing crisis continues to worsen and the government is intent on closing its ears to common sense. What now for millennials priced out of homeownership and soon rents?