David Winstanley

I was born in Hitchin, grew up in Letchworth and now live in Hitchin with my wife and two young children. I work in Stevenage for a pensions provider. 

I am a member of the Labour Party because I believe in fairness: that opportunities should be available to everyone, and not dependent upon wealth. I am passionate about good local schools and hospitals, which should be sufficiently funded that they can provide positive futures for our children and care for those who need it. 

I don't believe in austerity: the cuts we are seeing to vital services can never be justified.  Instead, tax-avoiding corporations and individuals should pay their fair share, like the rest of us!

I'm passionate about Hitchin. I don’t think the Conservatives fairly represent the population of Hitchin, at district, county or parliament level. I'm sickened by the amount of money wasted on projects such as Churchgate. That kind of money needs to be invested with vision, to improve and promote our town. An investment in Hitchin has potentially huge dividends, as I hope will happen once the Town Hall and Museum are finally open. I also want to see 20mph speed limits and improved street lighting throughout our residential areas.

Hitchin has always been a diverse and unified community and in the face of Tory cuts I am standing as a Labour candidate to defend the services that our town relies upon.