David O'Brien

My name is David O'Brien. I live near Luton, just over the Hertfordshire border in a place called Diamond End, which consists of two houses, some horses and a few sheep. I am standing as Labour Candidate in the Hitchwood, Hoffa and Hoo district of North Hertford.

I joined the Labour party last year in the run up to the leadership election because I think the policies and ideas that Jeremy Corbyn represents are part of the necessary steps that must be taken in this country to ameliorate the regressive and divisive ideology the Conservative Party seeks to impose on the country. On a local level, my standing will give Labour supporters a chance to vote for their party and register their discontent at the current state of affairs. If I am voted in, I pledge to stand up for social justice, a sane housing policy and a more equal society. In my spare time I enjoy writing and playing music, gardening, playing football and attempting to jog.

I infrequently blog here - so please have a read!