The problem of Harpenden...

I think you have Hitchin. Hitchin will overwhelmingly vote Labour. It did at the last election. The problem is Harpenden and the villages in between.

And it is here that we need to focus our resources if we are going to take the constituency. From now to whenever the election is we need to convince

not Labour people in Hitchin, but Tory voters in Harpenden to switch. This involves strengthening the Harpenden Labour organisers and Hitchin volunteers

being present in Harpenden on busy days (Saturday's in town?) to persuade and argue for Labour. I suggest this begins now, rather wait for any announcement of an election, when it will be too late. Thanks for the leaflet by the way. And I realise I am probably repeating what a lot of people have already said in meetings. I am happy to help out in this if needed. All the best, Dan Sayer

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