An Introduction

I am delighted to have been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the constituency of Hitchin and Harpenden.


I first joined the party as a teenager but lapsed when I went into teacher training at what was then Hertfordshire College of Higher Education near Watford.

Now living with my wife and family in Chesfield ward I joined the Hitchin branch and just over a year ago became branch chair. In that time I stood as ward candidate in the local elections in 2016; campaigned during the referendum for the UK to remain in the EU; and more recently in support of our councillors in district and county elections.


John & Yvette

Throughout my teaching career I have been a member of the NUT holding a number of officer roles within the Hertfordshire division. I taught in a number of schools across the county and my first headship was in Stevenage. I moved on to work in Islington as an adviser before returning to headship at a primary school in Camden.

During the course of my career I have seen the often devastating impact of years of austerity, attacks on public services, underfunding of the NHS, unnecessary upheaval in school organisation and most recently disastrous cuts to state education.

My school serves an ethnically and culturally diverse population. It is an amazing place and it is a privilege to work alongside some very dedicated individuals who do what they do because it makes a difference. But both in the work I do, and on a more personal level,  I too frequently see under resourced, declining services struggling to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. Growing numbers of families forced to use food banks and children living in cramped squalid conditions.

Life for the most vulnerable in our society is steadily getting more difficult. This picture is can increasingly be seen across our nation and it is true for many of the people of Hitchin and Harpenden.

The Conservative policy of austerity, underfunding our NHS and cutting school budgets is just as big an issue for all of us in Hitchin and Harpenden as it is across the entire UK.

When the election was called I saw it as the opportunity, with the support of my family, to step forward and do my bit.

As your MP I would work hard to ensure that the concerns of all constituents are given a voice that is heard.

As a resident I know that some of the things we want include:

  • schools that are well funded and able to provide every child with a great education
  • places available for all children at their local primary and secondary school
  • local GPs who have time for us and enough capacity on their lists to give us the best possible care
  • the Lister Hospital to have enough staff and resources to meet all our needs without resorting to putting us on ever lengthening waiting lists
  • a decent rail service with affordable fares - particularly for those of us who commute to London
  • affordable, sustainable homes so that our young people can make a start in life without having to live with parents and friends for years to come
  • and as a constituency that voted to remain in the EU we want to ensure that the outcome of negotiations do not adversely affect our economy, our livelihoods, our access to goods and services, the residency of our friends living overseas and the staffing of our already beleaguered NHS and social care providers.

I am a local. I have a family who depend on all of these things. What happens in this area impacts on me directly. Please vote for me on Thursday 8th June.

John Hayes

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Contact:, Twitter: @jh66111

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    An introduction from John Hayes, our parliamentary candidate. If you've got a question for John, feel free to comment on the blog and start a debate.