A statement from Hitchin Branch on the refugee crisis

Hitchin Labour Party met Thursday evening to discuss the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We heard from Catherine Henderson of Herts Welcomes Syrian Families about the scheme which the government is supporting to allow a total of 50 refugees from Syrian camps to be relocated into Hertfordshire.

The meeting discussed a range of issues to do with the processes and funding involved and the difficulties of getting full support from the district and county councils in Hertfordshire.

Many Labour authorities across the country are pledging their resources and support to house hundreds and thousands of refugees from the war torn Middle East.

Hitchin Labour unanimously expressed support for the efforts of all local groups and organizations, but also its deep shock that a county as wealthy as Hertfordshire in a country as wealthy as the UK was being so incredibly mean in its approach to helping people in the most desperate circumstances, unimaginable to most of us.

The local Labour Party calls on the District and County Councils, as well as the Tory Government, to have a radical re-think and start behaving like a compassionate society towards those in greatest need in the world.

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  • Brendan Lawlor
    commented 2015-09-20 11:37:19 +0100
    Thanks and I whole heartedly agree. I also believe that more organised local action is needed in reaching out to refugees that Britain has political ignored and are currently stranded in Calais. A participation in efforts to support organisation who are collecting donations delivering these to those who face the shameful cold disregard shown at the doors of Britain. While this government ignors this need we in the Labour Party must demonstrate that we are not part of this callous reaction. Hertforshire and Hitchin (my home town) Citizens need a chance to show they are generous and compassionate. In the spirit of the new ‘bottom up’ politics characterised by Jeremy Corbins leadership this needs to be an actioned and publicised without political point scoring and to invite (or perhaps join) a cross party collaboration in this effort.
  • Hitchin & Harpenden Labour posted about A statement from Hitchin Branch on the refugee crisis on Hitchin & Harpenden Labour's Facebook page 2015-09-11 11:45:21 +0100
    A statement from Hitchin Branch on the refugee crisis following yesterday's meeting