A small victory in Walsworth

Sometimes the tenacity of Labour Councillors can pay off in rather surprising ways. Let me give you an example:

As a County Councillor I have a locality budget to help fund highway projects that the County Council isn't willing to pay for.

This year it seemed sensible to resurface Common Rise in Walsworth which is in a pretty dire state.  Shortly before the work was due to start I was told that a small cul de sac in Common Rise wouldn't and couldn't be included in this work because the road is not the responsibility of the County Council, and never has been.  Residents were, quite reasonably, up in arms about this.  Their bit of road needs fixing as much as anyone else's.

Well, hundreds of e-mails, anxious phone calls, discussions with highway officers, angry phone calls, more e-mails and a refusal to give up and what has emerged?  At the last minute an officer stumbled upon a minute  dusty minute in the archives from Hitchin Urban District Council in January 1935 which makes it quite clear that the County Council IS in fact responsible for this bit of road and, as a result of hard work and tenacity by our wonderful officers [and Judi, though she'd never blow her own trumpet. Ed.] it WILL be resurfaced over the next few days.

Labour's County and District Councillors NEVER give up!

Judi Billing


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