2016 local election reflections

I hadn’t realised until Thursday's sunny, friendly election day, and Friday's marvellous North Herts Labour results the extent to which constant assaults from the press, internal division, cold and rain can sap the confidence of even the most experienced local politicians!

So massive congratulations to all our returning councillors: Deepak Sangha, Ian Mantle and Clare Billing in Letchworth and our fantastic new team in Hitchin of Ian Albert, Simon Watson and Elizabeth Dennis.


Ian and Simon are replacing Deborah Segalini and Joan Kirby, both of whom will be sadly missed, but who had decided that enough was enough. Elizabeth won a truly remarkable victory against the Tories in Walsworth for which she has worked really hard for a couple of determined years.

There are some councils and some councillors who give local government a poor reputation.

Not so the Labour team in North Herts – all dedicated to promoting fair and compassionate Labour Policies, helping constituents with small and large problems and caring for our own staff who keep local services running.

We are grateful to all the Labour Party members who have helped us to win these elections, and of course to the public who have put their trust in us.

As one of the most consistently pessimistic election workers myself I know that colleagues will be astonished to know that even I am still smiling, am determined that we work as a brilliant team, and of course start campaigning immediately for next year’s County Council elections!

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